All About Meself

I love reading all sorts of books , I love watching horror movies, I love interacting and meeting people from different parts of the world, I love to travel and I love food especially chocolate chip cookies!! Also I am an animal lover and I love cooking too! Oh, I am also playing piano as well and like to write my own novels. Hopefully I can become a famous author one day!!!

Ayubowan! Hello! Konnichiwa!!

I hate introducing myself but since I had no choice, I will simply just tell a little bit about myself. So let’s make this quick.

I am a Sri Lankan girl living in a city called Colombo and for those people who have no idea where Sri Lanka is, it’s a tiny island near the southern tip of India surrounded by Indian Ocean. I was born in Japan (yeah I am NOT Japanese) but I spend most of my childhood and teenage years in Sri Lanka before moving to Cincinnati, Ohio USA for my degree. Now I am back in Sri Lanka for good and working in a private bank in Colombo. So yeah I am working full time, I am a banker but at the same time, I decided to run book blogging!!!

Oh I have five cats, three dogs and two tortoises which shows that I am an avid animal lover plus I am a vegan! I became a vegan like six months ago and so far I am enjoying my blessed life as a vegan.

Oh, my name, will be top secret but it will be known as Sam. Why did I choose chocolate chip cookies? Cos I love them!!

So if you want to contact me or look me up, here are the details

Email :-

Instagram : chocolatechipcookies1988

Facebook :- chocolatechipcookies1988

Welcome to my website again and please, please leave a comment or two! I can’t wait to get to know you all!!!